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Celestron C-11 LXD Powered Mount
Misc Pics

Aluminum can be cut using a jigsaw equipped with a metal cutting blade.
I also keep the blade wet with WD 40 while cutting.

Back of control panel , not very pretty but it works well.
The clock on the left and the LXD control panel are epoxied in
place using Devcon 2 part epoxy.

The clock if from Radio Shack. It displays time , temp , date and a backlight.
It has it's own battery and can easily be set with the panel removed.

This shows the light on in the clock. When the button is pressed the clock
will stay lit for 5 seconds. This is very handy when it's dark and I left the
watch at home.

Electric connections for the front panel.

I used the flat side of the LXD motor to attach to.

I carefully drilled and tapped 4 holes rather than using the 1/4" mounting hole
on the motor because of clearance problems.

Alt bearings and aluminum bearing holders


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