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Celestron C-11 LXD Powered Mount
Electric's / Motors

12 Volt rechargeable battery is mounted in rear of the base assembly

Az LXD motor / worm assembly

Test fit the Az worm to the worm gear

Az motor / worm mounted

Had to do some milling to gain clearance for the spur gears.

Az worm shaft. Ball bearing supports on each end.

Alt worm / gear assembly

Alt worm / motor assembly mounted to fork.

Front view of Alt motor / worm.

Worm holders are made from 1" od steel pipe.

Had to do some milling here also to get clearance for the spur gears.

Update 3-2003
Az shaft upgrade


        The wiring for the Alt motor is now routed through the center of the Az shaft and uses a "slip ring" connection
        provided by a 1/4" stereo headphone connection. The forks can now spin indefinitely without any wires to
        tangle. Even though the LXD55 motors have 8 wire connectors only 4 wires are needed. The 1/4" stereo
        headphone connector provides a 3 wire connection and for the 4th wire needed I used the aluminum mount
        itself for the ground wire ( -12 vdc ).

Headphone jack maintains three separate wiring connections even while turning.

A recess or slot was milled into the base of the az shaft for the wiring.

With a az shaft in place the female 1/4" stereo headphone connector was
epoxied into the az shaft. With the forks in place the male connector
will simply plug into the az shaft female connector to complete the circuit.

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