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Meade LXD55 Motor / Autostar Info
 Meade LXD55 / Autostar Powered Mount

LXD55 Control Panel

        The LXD55 motors connect to the 495 or 497 Autostar controller through the LXD control panel.
        By selecting the LXD model from the Autostar's Telescope menu the motors can be used for an
        equatorial mount. Or by selecting the LX90 model the motors can be used for an Alt / Az fork mount.
        No software patches are needed , the Autostar will show both models.
        The LXD55 mounts use 144 tooth worm gears on both axis and the Autostar uses a RA and DEC
        ratio of  2.53715 . This has to be changed if 144 tooth worm gears are not used.  The ratios also
        start out with a + or - and this can be changed to reverse the worm gear direction.
        For the C-11 mount and it's 200 tooth worm gears I used a simple formula to calculate new ratios
        that work very well.

         LXD55 ratio                                 Worm Gear Size                     Per Tooth
       2.53715    divided by                 144               =    0.0176190972  ( rounded off )

       Take the Per Tooth number and multiply  x  the new worm gear tooth count.
       In my case the 200 tooth worms gears:

         Per tooth                  New worm gear
      0.0176190972    X     200            =  3.52382  ( rounded off )

      The new Autostar ratio I use it  3.52382  for both the Alt and Az ratio.

This is also explained on my Meade DS Autostar information page Here

The LXD55 control panel contains the RA motor.
I removed the motor from the plastic case as shown below.
I also removed the encoder wheel from the right side.
It takes a very small  .035" hex wrench.
I found one here at Jensen tools
part # 79050

LXD motor / worm assembly for the C-11 mount

The LXD uses a 35 tooth brass spur gear on the motor
and a 37 tooth aluminum spur gear to drive the worm shaft.

LXD motor removed from case
The right side contains the gear head reduction unit.


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