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Meister BC-10L DRO

Meister BC-10L DRO

        Well I took the plunge and add a DRO system to my Grizzly G4003G metal lathe and could not be happier!
        After many hours of searching the internet and all the machining groups I decided to go with the Meister DRO
        system made in Singapore (You can read more about this in the Comments section)
        I was not able to find much information on adding a DRO system to the Grizzly 12 x 36 metal lathe so I've
        included details and pictures on how I installed mine below.
                                   Steve Bedair

Meister BC-10L two Axis DRO


DRO Display Specification

Linear Scale:

  • Etched glass scale type
  • Grating pitch: 0.02 mm (50 LP/min).
  • Accuracy:  ±0.005 mm or 0.0002" (at 20 deg C).
  • Every scale has ABS reference marks.
  • Response Speed: 60 m/min or 40 ins/sec.
  • Output Signal: Two square wave signals, TTL.
  • Standard 3m (10 ft) long armoured cable. Extensions available.

  • Unpacking the DRO

    Getting Started
    Mounting "X"
    Axis Scale
     Axis Scale

    Grizzly G4003G

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