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Grizzly G4003G Metal Lathe
Meister BC-10L DRO


       As I mentioned this is the only DRO system I have ever owned or installed so I can't compare it to other systems.
       I can say that I did a lot of research on the DRO's available and for my needs & budget the Meister BC-10
       had everything I was looking for.
       I purchased this system from the DROstore in Singapore which is a Powerseller on Ebay username  BB1401.
       Believe me I did a lot of checking and emailing people before sending my money overseas.
       Everyone I contacted had only positive comments and were very happy with the products and service.
       All emails were answered promptly and I received a tracking number when the item shipped. It did take me
       awhile to figure out where to track it from. I finally found a tracking website called  Track-Trace
       and using the box  Post/EMS(with USPS)  I was able to track it.
       I received my order in less than two weeks and in perfect condition.
       I am in no way associated with the DROstore or the seller, just a satisfied customer.

      Using The DRO:

        I have not had the DRO system installed very long on my Grizzly G4003G lathe but so far I am very impressed.
        I make a lot of parts with multiple OD's that can be very time consuming. I would have to stop and measure four
        or five times on each part. With the DRO I can produce these same parts in a fraction of the time.
        I do take light cuts on the finishing pass to ensure close tolerances are kept.
        The Meister includes a user manual that does not go into great detail but it does cover the basics.
        Like anything new it took me a few times to figure out what I was doing!
        I am still learning all the features and I will add more soon.
                                                                               Thanks & good luck,

Unpacking the DRO

Getting Started
Mounting "X"
Axis Scale
 Axis Scale

Grizzly G4003G

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