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Mounting "Z" Axis Scale

          I mounted the Z axis scale below the removable gap. I also left enough room for the coolant guard to
          be mounted above the scale. I also marked the backsplash to make sure it didn't interfere with the scale

          Note: You do not have to be concerned on which direction the reading head moves. The direction can be
                    changed easily for either axis from the control panel.

I attached the headstock end first and then using a machinist level I marked the tailstock end.
I also placed a washer behind each end of the Z axis scale so that there is a small space between
the back of the scale and the lathe. If any liquid or oil runs down it will go behind the scale.

          Once the Z axis was installed I decided to remove the leadscrew cover from the end of the saddle.
          I used the two existing threaded holes to attach a 1/2" thick steel plate to hold the reading head.
          There were no brackets included for mounting the Z axis reader head.

Here's pic of the roughed out steel plate.
I cut the steel plate to cover the end of the leadscrew.
(Aluminum would have worked but I didn't have any on hand)

I milled two slots to allow for reading head adjustment.

I machined two brass spacers to correctly position the reader.

Brass spacers

I also added a metal brace to secure the cables.
Very solid and worked very well !!

Unpacking the DRO

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Mounting "X"
Axis Scale
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Grizzly G4003G

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