Bedair Machine Works
Gladewater, Tx.
Grizzly G4003G Metal Lathe
Meister BC-10L DRO

The box was shipped air parcel from Singapore and arrived in about two weeks.
Everything was very well packaged.

Inside the first box were two separate boxes containing
the two linear glass scales and the display

Display, power cord & users manual were packed in foam.

The display was wrapped in plastic and the number display areas have protective plastic too.
Also includes a aluminum mounting arm for the display.

I received two scales, one 6" travel and one 36" travel.
The blue plastic clips are to secure the  reading heads during shipping.
These have to be removed before installation.
Also included but not pictured:
Two chip / coolant scale covers
One bracket for mounting the X axis scale.
Plastic protective display cover.

Unpacking the DRO

Getting Started
Mounting "X"
Axis Scale
 Axis Scale


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