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  5 -2002                                                                   9 x 20 HF Tailstock Camlock
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I have included this information to give a better idea of how I built the camlock.
Please take note that while most of the 9x 20 lathes are similar they are not exact.
Therefore the measurements given are for reference only and may differ for your lathe.

To start out I had to mill down slightly with a 5/8" end mill better shown here.
I also used the  mill to remove a small amount from the top to achieve
clearance for the cam & locknut ( the hole is not completed here )

I used the Grizzly Mini Mill with a 5/8" endmill to achieve the recess needed.
I also used the end mill to drill the 5/8" shaft hole through the tailstock body.

This shows the blank cam shaft test fitted in the tailstock housing ( front & back )

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