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9 x 20 Compound Clamp
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The plans shown here are by no means the best but have worked
well for me. This clamp can be built entirely on the 9 x 20 lathe.

Please note that these are the measurements that worked for my  Harbor Freight 9 x 20 lathe.
All the 9 x 20's are basically the same but exact measurements may differ.

Please also note that the construction of a new compound clamp plate
needs to be a minimum of 1/2" thick steel ( 5/8" thick would be even better)
This is to ensure that there is enough material to provide a snug fit
to the existing neck of the compound to the new hole in the clamping plate.
This extra material at the neck is what provides the support,
not just the 4 attaching bolts.

I started with a piece of 1/2" thick steel plate ( 5/8" would even be better).
I cut this to size with my metal cutting bandsaw.
I next drilled a 3/8" hole in the center of the plate.
( Note: Some have went with a larger 4" x 4" clamp dimension )

A  3/8" x 3" long bolt can be tightened in the chuck with the head of the 3/8" bolt pulled against the
rear jaws of the chuck. This allows a nut to be tightened "tight" without the bolt moving / slipping.

With the 1/2" steel plate attached to the 3/8" bolt I create a shoulder as shown above.
This will be the top of the clamp. The shoulder will allow the steel plate to be held
in the chuck to complete the bottom side of the clamp.

A side view

Once the shoulder is completed the steel plate is removed from the chuck and turned around.
You will have to change out the chuck jaws and use the shoulder to grip the steel plate as shown.



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