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      6 -2002
Variable Speed 9 x 20 Lathe
DC Motor / Attach

                      Leeson 31358 DC motor                                   Two 5/16" fine thread attaching holes shown above

        I cut a piece of 3/4" aluminum and bolted                 A 1/2" thick aluminum plate bolts onto the 3/4" aluminum.
        it to the motor. The mounting holes are recessed.        Slots were cut to allow for belt adjustment.

completed motor mounting plate. I also cut off the motor shaft on the right side
with a hacksaw.

I mounted the lathe on a piece of 3/4" thick aluminum. This allows
for a motor mounting plate and also raises the lathe 3/4".
There are 4 holes tapped for 5/16" motor attaching bolts.

motor attached to aluminum plate.
The attaching bolts are very easy to get to.


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