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    10 -2002
Crossfeed Lead Screw Mount
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe

I had originally planned on building the mount from aluminum but after a trip to the local
metal salvage yard I decided on stainless steel. ( Aluminum would work fine )
The extra length of the new mount is to allow for the thickness of the ball bearing used
on the handle end and plus another 3/4" for extra travel.

     I first cut the 3" OD stainless to length on my 4x6 bandsaw                             Before & after
     This took awhile !

             I started work on the handle end of the mount                               I bored the ID to accept the ball bearing

                Finished turning the handle end.                                       Turned it around and turned the mounting flange.

Using the Mini Mill and a 1/2" end mill I slowly removed
the excess metal.

I also added an extra attaching bolt to the bottom of the new mount.

Good Luck,


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