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Ball Turning Toolpost
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe
Page 4 / Turning a threaded ball

            1" OD steel stock is drilled and tapped to                                  A shoulder is cut
            3/8"-16 thread.

                    The 1" OD steel is cut to a length of 1".                I originally drilled a 1/4" hole and inserted an alignment
                                                                                               pin. I don't think the alignment pin is necessary since
                                                                                               the cutter can be aligned as shown in the next pics.

                      To set the cutter I just swing the ball cutter from left to right until the cutter just reaches each edge.

             With the cross slide I slowly start working towards                 As the cross slide is worked in the ball is formed.
             the center taking light cuts left and right.

         Once finished with the ball cutter I reattach the tool                               Completed 1" ball !!!
         post and clean up a little around the threaded shoulder.

Added 10-29-02:

Concave Cuts


                                          For now                                                                           Future mod

       For concave cuts you just move the toolpost / cutter towards the lathe chuck as shown on the left.
I plan on adding another insert to to the toolpost as shown on the right.


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