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Ball Turning Toolpost
Harbor Freight 9 x 20 Lathe
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The ball turning toolpost consist of three main components: base section ,  body and the tool holder.
For the base I ended up using 1/2" aluminum plate 4" x 4" ( didn't have any 1/2" steel plate on hand ) The
body is built from a piece of 2.5" OD stainless steel. and the toolholder is built from 1/2" steel.
I have included the measurements I ended up with but don't get hung up on them. There is only
one critical measurement , the cutting tool bit height. This measurement can be made once the
base and body are completed.

                           2.5" OD x 1.33" long                                 A shoulder was cut to an OD of 1.65"
                                                                                           and a depth of .130"  The center is drilled
                                                                                           and tapped to a 3/8"-16.

                     A 1/2" x 1/2" slot was milled across                           another view of the bottom
                    the center for the tool bit holder

              Using the mini mill I recessed , drilled and tapped                    The 3   1/4" set screws are for adjusting the
              3 holes to accept 3   1/4"-20 set screws                                   cutting tool holder

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