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The new housing is built from 1/2" steel The ball bearing I used
is a 5/16" ID x .905" OD ( Gulf 1605-DCTN ). As long as
the ID is 5/16" the OD is not that important.


          The 1/2" steel is cut larger than needed                             I used the original 9x mount to mark the center
                                                                                                 I did not mark the attaching screws at this point.

                                Drilled a 3/8 hole.                                       Using the mini mill and a boring head I bored the hole for
                                                                                                  the ball bearing. The hole was bored slightly undersize to
                                                                                                  allow for a "press fit"  of the bearing.

                   Boring completed                                                  To mark the location for the mounting screws I first
                                                                                                installed 2 set screws and left the heads of the set screws
                                                                                                protruding slightly.

                                             With the set screws in place I positioned the mount on the lead screw,
                                                 centered and tapped lightly with a hammer. From the marks the
set screws left I punched the centers and drilled the attaching holes.

Positioned for marking the attaching screws.


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