Steve Bedair
Gladewater, Texas

5" Horizontal Wood Chipper

14 hp electric start 5" horizontal wood chipper

Building Comments:

            Why a horizontal chipper assembly ???? Simple,  because I had a vertical shaft motor. My only other
            option with the vertical shaft motor was to use a jack shaft of some sort to twist the fan belts to a
            horizontal position. I was afraid I would lose some horse power doing this and  it also would have
            been a lot more spinning parts so I designed and mounted the chipper wheel in a horizontal position.
            I'll also add the I didn't want to go the the expense of buying a horizontal shaft engine when I was not
            sure how well the project would work.

<>            If you are considering building a chipper I think that a vertical style chipper  would be easier to build.
            Or at least you can find some pictures and specifications on the internet. Also the bearing set up would
            be easier. Just a flange bearing on each side of the chipper disc. But you need a horizontal shaft engine.
            (which I didn't have)

            For chipper knives I would recommend Zenith Cutter Co.  Don't skimp on the knives and use
            grade 8 hardware for mounting the knives. ( no I don't get any discounts from Zenith Cutter,
            just a satisfied customer.
            For flange bearings check E Bay. I was able to find great deals on all the bearings I used.

Using My Chipper:

            As with any wood chipper it's Loud !! Sounds like a jet taking off as the wheel gets up to speed.
            I can't stress enough that chippers are dangerous and great care has to be taken when using one.
            The limbs are fed into the feed chute big end first. Once the chipper "grabs hold" and starts chipping
            it will feed itself. Every now and then the limb may stop and I'll have to give it a push. I never reach
            into the feed chute and it's important that the feed chute be long enough that your arm cannot reach
            the knives. If  a limb does stop feeding I give it a push with another limb. It's also important to wear
            leather gloves and eye protection. It's possible for small pieces of wood to be thrown back at you
            from the feed chute.
            So far I have chipped quite a lot of limbs and no problems at all. As I mentioned on the first page
            I don't overload the chipper and most of my chipping is small stuff (1" to 3" ).
            So far I couldn't be any happier!

I've included pictures of the building process. Just click on the links below.

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