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Grizzly G4003G Metal Lathe
Chuck Issues

    Update 12-07 :  I am happy to announce that Grizzly has replaced my 6" three jaw chuck with the
                             chuck that is pictured on their website. I would also like to add that I did not have
                             any issues with the chuck that came on the lathe other than I wanted replaceable jaws.
                             I do a lot of work on soft materials and I like to be able to use soft jaws at times.

                Grizzly's website shows the G4003G equipped with a 6" 3-Jaw chuck with two sets of replaceable jaws
               (shown below on left)  The chuck shown in the picture has replaceable jaws like my Bison chucks. This not the                        same chuck that my G4003G came with and mine does not have the replaceable jaws.  I personally like a
               chuck with replaceable jaws better.
               I placed a call to Grizzly Tech Support and was told that their supplier makes changes from time to time.
               They could not control these changes......  I also asked if I could swap my new unused 6" chuck for the  correct
               chuck, I was told no.
               I've still not used the supplied 6" chuck, I replaced it with a 5" three jaw Bison for now.
               For what the lathe cost I personally think they should supply the higher quality 6" chuck shown on their website
               or at least make mention that it has changed.

            G4003G Chuck                         Chuck
                Grizzly's site shows this chuck                                                   Mine came with this 6"  D1-5 chuck
                  supplied with the G4003G

 Bison 5" three jaw chuck and a D1-5 adapter plate from New England Brass & Tool



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