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Bison 5" 3 Jaw Chuck / HF 9 x 20

        For my back plate I used steel however I would highly recommend buying a blank cast iron back plate and save
    yourself a lot of work not to mention a lot of lathe bits. The building of a back plate is pretty straight forward , just
    copy the original back plate for the 4" chuck and allow for whatever OD is necessary. The harder part will be cutting
    the threads. By making a test piece to the same specs as the spindle threads will make things a lot easier.

The Bison 5" and the original 4" to show the size difference

The first thing I did was to cut a 39 x 4 mm test piece from aluminum.
You can click here to see how to setup the 9 x 20 for cutting a 4 mm thread.

A chunk of steel rough cut with a torch.

A big mess and a lot of chips

Steps for making a back plate

How to cut 4 mm threads

Jeff Davis's Back Plate


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