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Cutting 39 x 4mm Spindle Threads
HF 9 x 20

                                                This pic shows how my 9 x 20 is normally set up ( A30 & B60 )

                                        To cut a 4mm thread you will need to set the lathe up as follows:
                                        A - 80 tooth gear ( will mesh to the 127 tooth gear )
                                        B- 30 tooth gear (  will mesh to the 120 tooth gear
                                        And the quick change gear box is set to position # 1.

                                        The 80 tooth and 120 tooth gear shown in the above pic remain in place.

                 Note: The extra 80 tooth gear that is included with the 9 x 20 has a shoulder that does not allow
                          the circlip to be attached. In other words the 80 tooth gear is too thick ( shown below on left )

I decided to face off the shoulder allowing the 80 tooth gear to be attached using the circlip
to shaft A in the above pic.

Jeff Davis used the gear "as is" and threaded his back plate by hand power shown here

Steps for making a back plate


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