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Browning Lever Action
BL-22 Hammer Extension

I started out with a piece of stainless steel rod and turned the od to 3/8".
The overall length of the finished hammer extension is 1".

Next I knurled the end of the stainless steel rod. ( approx 3/8" wide )

    I use the knurler that came with the Harbor Freight 39083 quick change toolpost

Next I center drilled a hole for the setscrew.
I used the correct drill for a 10-32 tap.
I did not tap the threads at this time.

Using my Grizzly mini mill I milled a slot completely through
the 3/8" rod approx. .370" wide. After milling I had to use
a small 3 sided file to square up the hole until the proper
fit was achieved.  I then cut off the excess rod.

After filing was completed I placed the extension back in
the lathe and hand tapped the 10-32 threads.
I also turned the extension around in the chuck and
faced the back side.

Finished !!


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