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Harbor Freight
Quick Change Toolpost
Model 39083
Stainless Steel Handle / Wrench

I first used a box end wrench to adjust the QCTP. This worked ok but I
decided that a stainless steel handle would add the finishing touch.

Here are the measurements I used.
The 1.5" section that threads onto the toolpost shaft is stainless. The bevel
at the top is cut to approx. 20 degrees.
The handle section is made from 1/2" drill rod.

The stainless is threaded to match the threads on the top of the toolpost
shaft ( 1/2-20 for mine ).
With the QCTP installed on the toolpost shaft I tightened  the stainless
piece before marking the handle location. I placed the handle to face
the right side (towards the tail stock)

Completed handle !!


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