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TS Engineering QCTP
On the 9x20 Harbor Freight metal lathe

TS Engineering QCTP mounted on 9x20 metal lathe

   Here's the TS Engineering QCTP that is available directly from TS Engineering or also from The Little Machine Shop.
The QCTP is made from high alloy anodized aluminum. The overall quality and finish are superb.
The TS Engineering QCTP is now a direct bolt on for the 9x lathe. The TS Engineering QCTP is quite a bit
smaller than the AXA series 100 toolpost and is also smaller than the stock Harbor Freight 4 way toolpost shown
in the picture below.
   I personally do a lot of facing and small work with my 9x lathe and here is where the TS Engineering QCTP
is really nice. The smaller size allows the QCTP to be mounted on the topslide to allow for facing cuts.
The TS Engineering QCTP will handle lathe tools up to 3/8" and also 3/8" boring bars.
I do also have an AXA series 100 QCTP that I use for heavy turning and also for knurling. The problem
with the larger series 100 QCTP is that it is bolted directly to the compound slide and this makes it difficult
for facing cuts since the topslide is removed.
If you are in need of a QCTP for smaller work on the 9x lathes the TS Engineering QCTP is a very
high quality QCTP.

Update 4-2004    TS Engineering now offers a new center piece that allows the QCTP to bolt directly
                            to the stock 9x toolpost stud. The new center piece is threaded internally and
                            has wrench flats to make for easy adjusting (shown below)

                            mounted directly on the 9x                          The center piece on the left is threaded for the 9x
                                                                                              and the one on the right is for the 7x and smaller lathes.

TS Engineering QCTP and the stock 9x  four way toolpost

TS Engineering QCTP mounted to 9x topslide

TS Engineering QCTP and 4 toolholders.

Cutoff holder, boring bar holder, and two turning holders


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