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StarGPS with 497 Meade Autsostar

        StarGPS is a system that allows a GPS ( Global Positioning Satellite ) receiver to communicate
        the exact date, time & observing position directly to the Meade Autostar Controller. If you already own
        a GPS receiver you can purchase just the StarPatch software and an adapter cable that connects the GPS receiver
        to the Autostar controller or you can purchase a complete system. Since I already owned a Magellan GPS
        receiver all I needed was the software (installation CD) and the adapter cable. Once installed just power
        up the Autostar controller and StarGPS automatically sets the correct date , time & location.
        Simple to use and very accurate! Check out the StarGPS site for a list of scopes this will work on (click here)
           I use StarGPS on a mount that I built for my Celestron C-11. With the Autostar controller  I enjoy
        tracking (or at least trying to) satellites and this requires the date, time, and location to be as accurate as
        possible. StarGPS just made life a lot easier. I've included some pictures and comments below.

My Autostar Powered C-11 with StarGPS installed

StarPatch installation CD and the GPS adapter cable

            To install the GPS capability to the Autostar requires a Meade 505 cable.  This cable connects from
            your PC serial port to the RS 232 port on the  Autostar controller. StarGPS offers the necessary cable
            or you can make your own.  Once connected the installation CD will guide you through the install procedure.

                    The StarGPS adapter cable attaches                          From the GPS unit the cable connects
                     to the back of my Magellan GPS.                              to the RS 232 port on the Autostar


        Once the software is installed to the Autostar simply connect the GPS receiver to the Autostar. Power up
        the GPS unit and give it a couple minutes to lock onto the positioning satellites ( I power up the GPS unit while
        leveling my mount ) Turn on power to the Autostar and you will see the "Checking for GPS" display.
        From here the Autostar will display the time, coordinates and then proceed to the Alignment display.
        Once this is complete you can disconnect the GPS receiver from the Autostar.
           If you travel with your scope then StarGPS eliminates having to enter a new location into the Autostar each time.
        And if you use your scope without the GPS receiver connected the Autostar works just as before, Takes you to
        the Date & Time menu. I have to say I'm a happy customer!  (just wish I had come up with the idea)
        Thanks, Steve Bedair



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