Steve Bedair
Longview, Texas
10" Autostar Powered Dobsonian

        This is a mount I built using Meade's DS motors along with the Meade 497 Autostar controller.  The base
        of the mount is built from a cast aluminum street light base. The mount uses 120 tooth aluminum worm gears
        and stainless steel worms shafts. I purchased the OTA as a kit that an individual had purchased many years
        ago from Kenneth Novak Co.and never got around to assembling it.  The "goto" accuracy it great!
        It's not quite as stable as my MK 66 mount because of the length of the ota.
           To align the mount is as simple as entering the correct date and time into the Autostar controller , aligning
        the OTA north and level. Center the alignment stars and your done.
        The base assembly weighs approx 60 to 70  lbs so it's not a lightweight.  The assembly does breakdown into 3
        separate components to aid in transporting. Everything can be setup without any tools required.
        Another feature is that there are no Az stops to contend with and no wires to "wrap up".
        For great deep sky views of a dob and all the excellent features of the Autostar controller , It's a great set up.
        The setup includes everything pictured except for eyepieces. Also includes battery charging transformer,
        497 Autostar controller and wheel kit for easy rolling.
        For the beautiful views of a dob and the convenience of the Autostar controller it's a super package.

                                                                     The OTA features:

                                                               10" Pyrex mirror 44.9 F.L.
                                                                9   point Novak mirror mount
                                                                4   vane stainless Novak spider
                                                           2.60   Secondary
                                                            12"   Fiberglass tube 45" long.

The fork assembly is attached to the base with 3 attaching screws.

Eyepiece holder and battery cover / charging port

Meade 497 Autostar Controller and computer terminal

Two sets of wheels allow the mount to be rolled around easily.

Homemade ball bearing focuser allows 1 1/4" or 2" eyepieces to be used. Super smooth operation.

Novak 9 point mirror cell

4 vane SS  spider

60 mm right angle finder scope

60 mm Finder is dovetail mounted for easy removal

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